0:00 Intro0:07 Navigating to My Cash tab0:17 Removing a card0:24 Replacing card0:31 Changing bank account0:53 Replacing bank account Follow these steps to remove or change the debit card or bank account you use for Cash Ap […]

Cutting out alcohol is one thing. But giving it up during a global pandemic? Another ballgame altogether…Ah, Dry January. An entire month of no booze, normally shrouded in a hint of smugness by those who make it through all 31 days of no beer, wine, or alcohol of any kind. According to alcoholchange.uk, embarking on Dry Jan, as above, quite literally translates to going alcohol-free for the month of January. Wondering […]The post Here’s why Dry Jan may not be the best idea this year, according to a doctor appeared first on Marie Claire

The furniture you provide for employees can have a dramatic effect on not only their productivity, but their health and overall office motivation. Providing ergonomic office furniture for your staff is one essential step toward creating a positive office experience that employees will be excited to return to.The post How — and why — to prioritize employee comfort with ergonomic office furniture appeared first on THE BLOG

First and foremost a very Happy New Year everyone! And now to the topic that I’ve selected for today, Epilepsy in MS. This is something very rare in MS and mainly seen in established or severe MS. Epilepsy can generally be divided into two forms — focal = there is focus of onset that is […]

With bipolar, sometimes we need to rewrite the “rules” of life and follow our own timelines instead of others’ newsfeeds and social media stories. Over the years, I’ve learned something very important about living with bipolar disorder: never compare yourself to others. It’s just about the easiest thing in the world to do, especially with…The post Bipolar & the Comparison Game appeared first on bpHope.com

While Concept Nyx takes the household gaming experience to the next level, Alienware’s Concept Polaris aims to turn portable gaming solutions into enthusiast-tier machines. Alienware Concept Polaris: External GPU Enclosure, 16-Inch Graphics Cards Support & Built-In Liquid Cooling In 2014, Alienware introduced its Graphics Amplifier, an external GPU solution that could house up to 10.5-inch […]The post Alienware Concept Polaris Is An External GPU Enclosure That Can House Up To 16-Inch Graphics Cards & Comes With Built-In Liquid Cooling by Hassan Mujtaba appeared first on Wccftech

One of the most common supplement questions I receive is about creatine. Namely, is it good for you? Is it safe? And, today, should teens be using it? You should run any new supplement or practice by your doctor, but my quick and short answer is yes. In general, teens…


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